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“I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers (or sisters!) of Mine, you did for Me!”     Jesus (Matthew 25:40)

 Convention Mission Faire and Ingathering Pictures

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The 2014 Oregon District LWML Convention is now “history” as they say.  On the way to the archives we could benefit from a bit of a re-cap – especially about our event-crowded Friday.

We give high praises to all of the Zones who did such a fantastic job of helping Gayle Wolfe’s committee get their Zones “booth” ready for a great MISSION FAIRE!   Heavy sewing machines were brought in - lots of “plarn” activity- new warm men’s socks were stuffed with goodies for the homeless -   and off to the side were ladies busy with scissors carefully cutting out felt Bible-figures for the Bethesda Home’s new Flannel Board.   Kudos to the Zone ladies who stuck it out at their posts from 10 – 4!   This meant that they had to forego attending any Servant Events!

Karen Young and her Committee organized the INGATHERING – sorting, stacking and counting all of the items that the conventioneers brought in with them!    The Ingathering “totals” were:  Bethesda Homes = 282 items;   Orphan Grain Train = 772 dresses + 84 pants = 856 items; Portland Rescue Mission = 351 items;   Lutheran Latino Missions =   401 items.   SUCH joy we have in sharing God’s blessings with lots of others – even on the other side of the globe!!

Young Women Representatives presented samples of these Items – and Zone representatives brought forth examples of their Mission Faire items for Sunday morning’s dedication of them all.

On Friday there were 4 SERVANT EVENTS organized.   Four ladies hopped on the MAX train with Mona Fuerstenau and went downtown to visit the Bethesda Office on 17th.    Three ladies joined Terry Putnam in enjoying a Tea Party at one of the Bethesda Homes close to the airport and three hardy kitchen-cabinet-scrubbers went over to another nearby Bethesda Home to “brighten their corner”!  14 folks either “vanned” with Jim Presnell or drove in private cars over to Concordia University to learn about their neighborhood backpack lunch program AND to pack over 900 lunches.  A tour of the campus followed – all were happily impressed with the new facilities that are shared and integrated with the neighborhood into which the University is settled.

We have noted that folks had many “required duties” that sadly prevented their participation in some of these fun activities.   If you have any suggestions how we could “get around” this, please contact Char Kolzow.  Your “input” is welcome!


Human Care Committee is charged with encouraging sensitivity in women toward those who are hurting and in need in the church, community and world. Providing hands-on resources for assistance and comfort to others and reaching out to the underprivileged and underserved in our communities is the charge of the Special Ministries Committee. 

“Care Corner”  (in the Leaguer) is edited by Gayle Wolfe - Human Care committee chairwoman.   Special Ministries committee chairwoman is Terry Putnam.

Facilitating the District’s Funding Factory efforts for supporting District expenses is a responsibility of this Department. Each Zone President has a supply of UPS Pre-paid Mailing labels for the shipping of used cell phones, printer cartridges, etc. Contact Char Kolzow if additional supplies are needed.

This Department is also responsible for Ingathering and Mission Fair at Biennial District Conventions.